Window Wraps turns your existing building windows into prime advertising space.

We offer turn-key services that include customizing a concept creation, graphic design, print and installation.

Window Wraps get the attention of your target customers, and set you apart from your competition.

The following are some of the best features of Window Wraps.

  • Almost invisible when viewing from the inside.  You will only see a slight tint for the most part.
  • Can reduce excess heat from direct sunlight.  It can even help lower your electric bill.
  • Turns empty spaces into prime advertising space.
  • Separates your building from your competition's buildings.
  • Within the City Code & Regulations.


Window Wrap Media:

Autos:  50 (Holes) / 50 (Graphics)

Store Fronts:  30 (Holes) / 70 (Graphics)


Window Wrap Uses:

While it can be installed on to any smooth service, it is best suited for the following projects.

  • Building Face Graphics
  • Bus and RV Window Graphics
  • Store Front Window Graphics
  • Vehicle Window Graphics






Window Wrap Lifespans:

UV sunlight will have a big impact on the lifespan of a window wrap.  If the sun beats down on the window every day for the majority of the day.  We suggest to laminate the window perf for maximum UV protection.

Short Term Window Per:  3+ months (Non-Laminated)

Standard Term Window Perf:  12+ months (Non-Laminated)

Long Term Window Per:  24+ months (Laminated)


Window Perforated Wrap Suggestions:

1)  Laminate window perf for extra protection vs. UV light.

2)  Laminate window perf on vehicles to help with rain and early morning condensation.

3)  Use Optical Clear Laminate on all vehicles.  This will reduce the blur and provide the best viewing results from within the vehicle looking out.