Please put your company name, address, phone number with area code, customer number, purchase order number, and file name of the artwork on submitted artwork files.

You may choose from the following options when providing your own artwork.  Also keep in mind to always use the best compression options when creating a zip file.  Don’t forget to include all layers & fonts with your project files.

Make sure all of your files are in CMYK.  If you provide your file in RGB format the colors will not be the same as you see on your screen.  RGB colors when converted will look darker in most cases.

Acceptable File Formats:

Vector Image (EPS file) / Vector created files do not require a Miniumum DPI.

Illustrator CS5 or lower (AI file) / Miniumum 300 DPI

Photoshop CS5 or lower (PSD file) / Miniumum 300 DPI

Other Types (JPEG, TIFF, PDF & BMP) / Miniumum 300 DPI

Unacceptable File Formats:


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Power Point

Corel Draw


GIF Files



We suggest creating your artwork at a minumum of 300 dpi for all your artwork.

For example, if an image has been created at 72 dpi, and we enlarage the image resolution up to 600 dpi, it will become extremely jagged and blurry. So instead of having one pixel at 72 dpi, you now have approximately 8 1/3 pixels.

Tips & Hints:

* To avoid font matching issues, convert all fonts to outlines or supply PC/Mac supporting fonts with your files.

* Be sure to include all images (even if embedded) and fonts.

* Indicate the platform and application used to generate your artwork and provide contact information.

* Compress all files as .ZIP or WinZip (Windows) or DropStuff (Mac). If you are sending us a Mac file, be sure to include the file extension (type) as part of the file name.

Note:  If we have to recreate the artwork there can be fees of $65.00 per hour to complete the artwork.  However, this fee can be waived with larger orders and repeat clients.

Note:  An EPS file created in Illustrator is NOT the same type of file as a Photoshop EPS file. Photoshop files should be saved in PSD format, not EPS format.