Channel Letters & Logos

Channel Letters are the ultimate professional image within the sign industry.

They can be created in almost any font, color or size once the stroke depth exceeds 1.5″.

Custom Fabrication
U.L. Approved

Front Lit
Reverse Lit / Halo LIt
Front & Back Lit
Plexiglas Faces / Vinyl Translucent Faces / Back Sprayed Faces
LED Lights
Transformer & Wiring
Jewelite© Trim Cap
Painted Raceway or Individual Mounted Letters
5″ Painted Aluminum Returns
0.63 Aluminum Backs
On/O Switch
Dusk To Dawn Sensor
Changeable LED Colors
U.L. Approved Builds

Channel Letters w/ Raceway

The raceway is painted close to the color of the building where it is installed.  This will help reduce the visibility of the raceway.  Using this method will reduce the amount of holes that must be drilled into your building compared to individually installed channel letters.  The installation is also faster compared to installing each letter as an individually.

Channel Letters w/ NO Raceway

Each letter and logo will be installed as a flush mount to your building.  Each letter will need it’s own hole to allow the power source wire to feed from the letter to the power supply on the inside of the building.  This method looks great and is the true form, however, it does cost more to install and create more holes on your building.

Channel Letters w/ Backsplash

All letters and logos will be mounted on a painted metal backsplash.  They look great and reduce the install time onsite as prep work can be done in the shop.  They also reduce the number of holes in your building.

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