Coroplast signs are durable and weather proof.  They are best suited for yard signs as they have vertical flutes that allow the wire stakes to easily slide into place.  This type of sign is for short term projects.  While the inks are UV rated 3+ years the substrate is not ideal for long term exposure to the elements.

Printed directly to the substrate using UV inks.

Multiple Thicknesses (4mm or 10mm)
Single Sided Or Double Sided

Max Sheet Size
5′ x 10′

Standard Print Sizes
24″w x 18″h (Yard Signs w/ Wire Stakes) (Vertical Flues 18″h)
18″w x 24″h (Small Signicade Deluxe)
24″w x 36″h (Standard Signicade Deluxe)
36″w x 36″h (Wooden Sign & Panel System)
48″w x 48″h (Wooden Sign & Panel System)
96″w x 48″h (Wooden Sign & Panel System)
120″w x 60″h (Wooden Sign & Panel System)

Display Type Solutions
Golf Tournament Signage
Signicade Deluxe Inserts
Oversized Promotional Checks
Jobsite Signs
Short Term Ad Campaigns
New Product Launch
Up-Coming Sales Events
Party / Event Directional Signs
Political Signs

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